IT Diplomas

Institute of Advanced Technologies (IAT) offers six information technology (IT) diploma courses for undergraduate students. IAT Diplomas are designed to equip students with practical skills, self-development, specialized knowledge, and understanding that they need to progress in their learning paths. The diploma programs also emphasize assessment, academic and non-academic supports that student need to complete their chosen career paths.

Diploma Courses in IAT

  • Diploma in Information Technology
  • Diploma in Computer Application
  • Diploma in Web Application
  • Diploma in Networking
  • Diploma in Cyber Security
  • Diploma in Cloud Computing

Course Content for Diploma in Information Technology

Unit 1: Computer Hardware

Unit 2: Computer Networking

Unit 3: Software and Systems

Unit 4: Introduction to Programming

Unit 5: Database Management System

Unit 6: Cloud Computing

Unit 7: Computer Security

Course Content for Diploma in Computer Application

Unit 1: Computer Fundamental

Unit 2: Operating Systems (Windows, Linux and Mac)

Unit 3: Microsoft Office 365

Unit 4: Microsoft Office 365 Word

Unit 5: Microsoft Office 365 Excel

Unit 6: Microsoft Office 365 Powerpoint

Unit 7: Website Development

Course Content for Diploma in Mobile and Web Application

Unit 1: Introduction to Visual Design

Unit 2: Designing Websites

Unit 3: Designing Graphic and Interfaces

Unit 4: HTML, HTML5 and CSS

Unit 5: Javascript

Unit 6: jQuery

Unit 7: Responsive Design

Unit 8: PHP and MySQL

Unit 9: WordPress Websites

Course Content for Diploma in Networking

Unit 1: Network Fundamentals

Unit 2: Routing and Switching

Unit 3: Scaling Networks

Unit 4: Connecting Networks

Unit 5: Network Security

Unit 6: Network automation

Course Content for Diploma in Cybersecurity

Unit 1: Cybersecurity Landscape

Unit 2: Cybersecurity Threats

Unit 3: Cybersecurity Attack Types

Unit 4: Cybersecurity Design Models

Unit 5: Cybersecurity Operating Platform

Unit 6: Network and Endpoint Security

Unit 7: Network Security Principles

Course Content for Diploma in Cloud Computing

Unit 1: Computer Systems Architecture

Unit 2: Cloud Fundamentals

Unit 3: Networking in the Cloud

Unit 4: Security in the Cloud

Unit 5: Deploying and Operating in the Cloud

Unit 6: Programming

Unit 7: Database Design and Development in the Cloud

Unit 8: Website Design and Development in the Cloud